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Translink opens University Platform Extension

local news Sep 26, 2023
Translink - University Extension Coleraine

Translink is pleased to announce the timely completion of the engineering works to extend and improve the platforms at Dhu Varren and University train stations on the Portrush branch line.

The platform extensions, funded by the Department for Infrastructure, will mean longer trains can stop safely, enhancing capacity and accessibility and enable even more passengers to benefit from the introduction of the new six-car walk-through trains. 

In addition, the upgrades also encompass improved lighting and state-of-the-art CCTV, reinforcing security measures for the benefit of passengers and the local community. 

Mark Gormley, Translink Senior Programme Manager, expressed gratitude to the local community,

“These extensions enable the use of six-car walk through trains, allowing more passengers to experience the latest standards in comfort, quality and accessibility with modern soft furnishing, at seat USB chargers and upgraded air conditioning. 

“We worked closely with our contractors to ensure the works were completed on time and the line reopened ready for the start of the busy new University term.  

“We are committed to promoting modal shift towards active travel and this latest development, alongside a range of good value fares including the yLink card offering 50% off for students will help encourage more people to embrace sustainable transport.  With more people making the switch, together we can help tackle the climate crisis and secure a brighter, more resilient future for the generations to come.”

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming passengers back on board and would like to thank the local community and our passengers for their patience and support during these vital improvements.

Philip Maguire, University Vice President, Coleraine Campus, also extended a warm welcome to the reopening:

“Ulster University and the student’s union are delighted to have the university station reopened in time for the first day of term for our students at the Ulster University campus here in Coleraine.”

“The improvements will offer more for our students and promote sustainable, reliable and active travel services to and from our campus. We strongly encourage all students to explore the public transport options available, including Translink’s discount ylink travel card, as we collectively work toward a more sustainable future for our campus and the north coast region.”

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