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Tartine at Distillers Arms Secures Esteemed Spot in McKenna's Guide for Fifth-Year

local news Feb 20, 2024
Tartine at Distillers Arms - Geoffrey Moffett

Tartine at Distillers Arms has started the year on a high as the team celebrates once again being featured in the revered McKenna's Guide. This marks the fifth consecutive year the beloved restaurant continues to shine amongst the best, an accolade much respected in Ireland and recognised globally.

Since its inception, McKenna's Guide has set the benchmark for culinary excellence, crafted with care and expertise by John and Sally McKenna. Their passion for gastronomy and providing comprehensive, discerning assessments of dining establishments have led them to become two of the most trusted epicures in the industry. To be listed within their curated guide is to be acknowledged as meeting the pinnacle of quality in food service.

Tartine at Distillers Arms stands out for its unwavering commitment to superior food quality, distinguished cooking style, and consistent use of locally sourced produce. This harmonious blend, combined with their exceptional wine selection and unparalleled service, makes their inclusion in the guide exceptionally meritorious.

The acclaim is close to the heart of Chef Patron Gary Stewart. "I bought their 'How to run a restaurant' guide in the mid-nineties, and the rest is history," shares Gary. "The McKennas have played a part in our story, and I'm thrilled to be included in their latest edition again."

Accompanying the recognition, Gary and his skilled team will proudly display a plaque signifying the noteworthy endorsement — a symbol of the restaurant's esteemed status and a beacon welcoming both gourmands and casual diners alike to an exceptional eating experience.

Established by the esteemed John and Sally McKenna, McKenna's Guide is an authoritative voice in the world of gastronomy. Synonymous with quality and reliability, it recognises Ireland's finest food venues and serves as a definitive resource for national and international connoisseurs.

To pick up a copy of the 2024 edition, visit their website, McKenna's Guides — Best places to eat, shop & stay in Ireland.

For reservations and further information about Tartine at Distillers Arms, please visit their website, Tartine at Distillers Arms.

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