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Summer Events at the Giant's Causeway

local news tourism events Jun 10, 2024
Summer Events at the Giant's Causeway

As summer arrives, the Giant's Causeway is hosting exciting events against the stunning backdrop of Northern Ireland's stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. These activities are perfect for relaxation and adventure.

Yoga on the Roof

Start your day with a tranquil session of Sundar Yoga on the Visitor Centre roof. This one-hour class on Friday, 21 June, is led by Hatha Yoga Instructor Chrissie Douglass and offers breathtaking sea views and complete relaxation. Bring your yoga mat, block, and strap, and immerse yourself in the peaceful morning atmosphere.

Summer Solstice Walk

Join Nature Engagement Officer Dr Cliff Henry for an early morning walk along the Causeway cliffs. Starting at 6:30 am, this guided tour highlights local wildlife, including nesting fulmars and diving gannets. After the walk, enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Causeway Hotel at 8:30 am. Your ticket includes the walk, breakfast, guided tours, audio guides, access to exhibition areas, and onsite parking.

This summer, experience the beauty and tranquillity of the Giant's Causeway with these unforgettable events.

Whether you prefer yoga or nature walks, the Giant's Causeway offers something special.

Check out our events section here for more information.  

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