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business local news May 06, 2023
Fairleys Wines Coleraine

With a diverse range of local brewed and distilled beers and spirits, Fairleys Wines are encouraging us to ‘drink local’ the next time you are buying your favourite tipple.

Northern Ireland has a history of distilling spirits and has traditionally produced Irish whiskey. However, in recent years, there has been a surge in locally produced gins, whiskeys and craft beers and Fairleys Wines has a comprehensive stock to satisfy.

All too often, when we dine out we see that the chef has taken the sourcing of his ingredients very seriously. In fact, it becomes a point of pride for a restaurant when the main buzzword is ‘local’.

We are increasingly eating local, but are we drinking local?

Today, the craft spirits and beer market is exploding. Craft distillers and brewers use local ingredients, employ local people and bring a sense of pride and connection to the community.

Fairleys Wines, Railway Road and Brook Street, Coleraine are champions of local brewers and distillers and with an amazing variety in store, owner Marc Fairley shares with us some of his favourite local tipples.

Lacada Brewery Co-Operative - Brewed on the North Coast

Lacada Brewery Co-Operative is a multi-award winning brewery that brews amazing beers in small batches in Portrush. With names linked to the north coast and a wide range of beer styles, this small brewery has firmly established itself as a favourite with visitors and locals alike.

From their Devil’s Washtub dark ale to their flagship IPA, East the Beast, West Bay citra pale ale and Elatha Imperial Stout, there is something for everyone. A wide range of Lacada Brewery’s beers are available in Fairleys Wines 

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

This spirit is matured in hand-selected barrels from European oak, toasted from the inside to a medium-high char and seasoned with Oloroso Sherry.   Nose - At first honeyed malt, nuts and dark chocolate followed by marzipan, all spice and fruits. Palate - Clean and mellow honey malt and then the taste complexity reveals itself – rich, dried spices, nuts and sweet oils. Finish - A pleasant gentle wood with honey sweetness fading slowly.

The Shore Born Portballintrae Dry Gin - Dunluce Distillery

Zesty fresh citrus on the nose and a floral flavour greets the gentle spice aromatics. Smooth and perfectly balanced at 42% abv

Perfect Serve - The Shore Born pairs well with a light tonic, a wedge of lime and plenty of ice.

Giants Basalt Rock Gin - Distilled Within A Stone's Throw Of The Giant's Causeway

Nose - Very fresh citrus at the beginning, then followed by juniper and something almost salty. Taste - The citrus from the nose comes over first, then there's juniper and more sharp and warm spices, like ginger and cassia. These flavours give way to more unusual flavours that are hard to pin down, something fresh and salty. It is harmonised by a mellow mouth feel from the buckwheat. Finish - The peppery spices carry over into a long-lasting finish that lingers in all three dimensions.

Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Colour - Ruby red. Nose - The robustness of the three woods is immediately evident with big aromas of treacle toffee intermingling with sweet spice accents of cinnamon and nutmeg. Taste - Robust flavours of caramelised peaches and mango marry notes of toasted almonds and walnuts, giving exceptional depth and complexity. Finish - Layered and lingering, initial notes of concentrated jammed berries lead to a silky milk chocolate finish.

How To Drink - Best savoured neat or over ice.

Lir Green Crest Irish Whiskey

Triple distilled, matured, and blended in the Glens of Antrim. Surrounded by nature and steeped in history, there’s no better setting to create whiskey than amongst the mountains and valleys in the Glens of Antrim overlooking the Irish Sea.

Nose - Mellow, hints of apple with toffee and cacao. Palate - Very pleasant with toffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Finish - A rich, warming, with a slight malt finish. 

Limavady Single Malt Irish Whiskey

The sherry casks deliver warm, inviting dried fruit and spice notes, adding richness to a toasted vanilla base; smooth at first with a satisfying warmth on the finish.


Fairleys House of Wines

10 Brook Street and 62-64 Railway Road,



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