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Roe Valley Retreat : Proposed Glamping Site For Limavady

business local news tourism May 08, 2023
Roe Valley Retreat

Plans have been lodged for three glamping units, associated parking, and bicycle and waste storage facilities for land approx—35 m NE of 34 Ballyavelin Road, Limavady, BT49 0NE. 

The proposed glamping site will provide a new and exciting accommodation option to Limavady and the surrounding areas.

A design statement read: "This development will increase footfall for local businesses and through correct marketing, should increase the length of time tourists remains in the area.

This will be beneficial for local tourist attractions, restaurants, businesses, etc. The development would also be viewed as pivotal for our family farm to make it more viable and sustainable into the future by helping to obtain and additional revenue stream.

The construction of a glamping site in this location can be achieved in less time, with less intrusive construction methods and less environmental impact than traditional luxury accommodation. This is clearly favorable in an area of countryside rich in natural beauty such as the proposed site for Roe Valley Retreat."

The application will be heard by Council's planning committee later this year. 



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