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Reception marks completion of Portrush Kerr Street and Harbour Public Realm scheme

local news visit causeway coast and glens Sep 21, 2023

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has hosted a special reception at Portrush Town Hall to mark the completion of the Portrush Kerr Street and Harbour Public Realm scheme.

It represents one of the final stages of the Department for Communities multi-million pound commitment to regeneration throughout the town. 

The scheme involved the upgrading of lighting, paving to the pedestrian walkways from Station Square to the west side of the Harbour and also incorporated special features such as increased and accessible seating, improved walkways and historical story boards.

Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Councillor Steven Callaghan, welcomed the improvements saying: “Over the past decade Portrush has benefitted from the Department for Communities commitment to fund regeneration works and this latest scheme represents one of the final pieces of the jigsaw for improvements to the town.

“Council continues to invest in our town centres to make them welcoming places where people want to spend time enjoying the scenery, exploring our shops, local businesses, and attractions.

“Portrush is a great example of how working with partners such as DfC can deliver improvements that attract greater business, hospitality, and recreational investment, as well as creating safer and more appealing surroundings for locals and visitors alike.

“I would like to extend our special thanks to the Department for Communities for their long-standing commitment and support to improve and upgrade so many areas of Portrush.  This has been brought to a fitting conclusion with the improvements to the Kerr Street and Harbour area.”

The scheme was designed to complement the improvement works in other areas of the town and incorporate necessary safety measures, whilst striving to retain the essential character of this popular area.

After the initial design work and public consultation was concluded, the work moved into the construction phase of the project in November 2022.

The financial commitment for works to this area was almost £1.4 million with the Department for Communities providing 100% funding to Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council to progress the design scheme and undertake the construction. 

Mark O’Donnell from the Department for Communities said: “Regeneration is a collaborative effort, involving government at all levels, stakeholders and, most importantly, the local community itself.

“Today, there is a real sense of collective achievement among all those who played a part in this transformative project in Portrush. In marking the culmination of work which began before the 2019 Open and in the lead up to the upcoming Open in 2025, I applaud all those involved.

“I hope the benefits of this investment will be enjoyed for many years to come, and ensure that Portrush continues to be a place where people want to work, visit and live.”

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