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Portrush's Recreation Grounds To Officially Reopen After £3.3m Revamp

local news Mar 20, 2023
Portrush's Recreation Grounds

Portrush's Recreation Grounds has undergone a £3.3m renovation and will be officially reopened this week. 

The renovated grounds boast an adventure play area, a new bowling pavilion that includes changing places public toilets, a competition bowling green, and a synthetic practice area.

In addition, a multi-use events space has been created, and a new 'urban plaza' has been built.

It is expected that a representative from the Westminster government will be present to witness the completion of the project later this week.

The new facilities will surely be a hit with the local community, offering various activities for people of all ages.

The adventure play area, in particular, is expected to be a big draw for families with young children. At the same time, the bowling pavilion and green will provide an excellent venue for serious bowlers and casual players alike.

The new facilities have been designed with accessibility in mind, with the inclusion of changing places public toilets ensuring that everyone can enjoy the recreation grounds.

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