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Perfections Wellness Spa - Looking after you!

business Jun 10, 2024
Perfections Day Spa Coleraine

This month 'Our CQ' had the pleasure of catching up with a gem of a local business, Perfections Wellness Spa, as they toast to an impressive 34 years of making us feel more fabulous inside and out. 

It's a tale of evolution, resilience, and a dash of glamour, showing how much they've adapted to ride the waves of the beauty industry's ever-changing tides.

Back when mom jeans and Doc Martens ruled the streets, few could have imagined icons like Olympic diver Tom Daley and pop sensation Harry Styles would one day be the faces of makeup brands. Yet, we are, and Perfections Wellness Spa has witnessed it all. From their modest beginnings in The Diamond to their serene sanctuary on Society Street, Joanne Reid and her husband Davy have skilfully transitioned from a traditional beauty salon to a holistic wellness haven, welcoming both men and women into their tranquil retreat.

Davy, a wizard of soft tissue and remedial therapy, has honed his craft in the esteemed training grounds of London and Dublin, ensuring every therapy session at Perfections Wellness Spa is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Meanwhile, Joanne, a beacon of beauty with a wealth of experience, has nurtured a loyal following over three decades. 

As a Guinot specialist, her name is synonymous with unrivalled care and expertise along the North Coast.

But what makes Perfections stand out in the crowded beauty landscape? 

Davy shares with CQ, "We're more than just a spa; we're a sanctuary for well-being. In today's whirlwind world, taking a moment to breathe, relax and rejuvenate from the inside out is not just a luxury; it's a necessity."

Their holistic approach promises aesthetic enhancement and profound physical and psychological benefits, from better sleep to stress relief.

Not just locals have discovered this oasis of calm; thanks to collaborations with tourism ventures along the North Coast, Perfections has welcomed clients from every corner of the globe, including American golfers seeking solace after a day on the greens.

With summer on the horizon, bringing the promise of sun-kissed days and light-hearted festivities, Joanne spills her secrets to achieve that coveted summer glow. She emphasises the importance of shedding winter's dullness to reveal radiant, fresh skin.

Celebrating its 34th anniversary, Perfections Wellness Spa invites you to indulge in a special Guinot Summer Glow package designed to pamper your skin and soul. It's an invitation to pause, unwind, and emerge refreshed, a perfect antidote to the daily hustle.

The Guinot Summer Glow is only £100, a saving of £30.

This is a 90-minute treatment that includes:

  •  Hydra Clean Facial
  •  Body scrub and oil application 
  •  Foot Peel

This article is part of the latest edition of 'Our CQ' magazine.  To read, click here.

Visit their website here. 

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