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New Footbridge Proposed for Roe Valley Country Park to Restore Access

causeway coast community Jul 10, 2024
Roe Valley Country Park

A planning application has been submitted to Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council for the provision of a new footbridge at Roe Valley Country Park.

The proposed structure, a 1.8-metre wide footbridge spanning 14 metres, is intended to traverse a landslide that has disrupted a key pathway within the park.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency, the project applicant, aims to reinstate the path and ensure safe access for park visitors and maintenance staff.

The affected pathway remains closed to the public, restricting access and hindering the park's maintenance operations.

The Roe Valley Country Park, located at 41 Dogleap Road, Limavady, is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

This new footbridge is expected to restore connectivity within the park and enhance visitors' safety and experience. 

The application will go before the Council's planning committee in the coming months. 

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