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Motorbike Enthusiasts Encouraged To Put Safety First At This Year’s North West 200

local news north west 200 Apr 17, 2024
North West 200

Police are urging motorbike enthusiasts and road-users travelling to and from the North West 200 circuit to stay safe on the roads as the largest sporting event in Northern Ireland returns to the North Coast.

Speaking ahead of the hugely popular event, District Commander for Causeway Coast and Glens, Superintendent Mark Roberts said: "With the 2024 North West 200 race week set to take place on May 6-11, I am delighted to welcome all of those involved to the North Coast for another great year of motorcycle racing. A significant amount of planning goes into this event every year and local officers and I have been working very closely with the organisers and partner agencies to ensure that the races and all the associated events are safe and successful.

“Thousands of visitors from all over the world are expected to participate in the programme over the week. The North Coast is always a magnet for motorcyclists because of the amazing routes and scenery and my local officers and the wider police family are keen to ensure that those attending on two wheels or four stay safe as the excitement builds.

“Reducing casualties on our roads remains one of our top priorities here in Causeway Coast and Glens and as with the recent Easter Weekend events we will be focusing our road policing operations specifically on dangerous and careless driving as well as vehicles which fail to comply with the Construction and Use legislation.

"If you are riding up to join us, please remember it’s not a race to get here and that road conditions at this time of the year can change very quickly. If you are driving, please take time to ‘Think Bike’ - particularly when emerging from junctions.

"During the scheduled race days, please follow the directions of the event marshals and do not put yourself, other spectators or participating riders at risk by taking chances, especially by entering the circuit on foot or by vehicle before it is reopened at the direction of the Clerk of the Course.

“We want everyone to enjoy the event and the socialising that accompanies it in a safe space. Once again my officers will be focusing on preventing Violence Against Women and Girls and anti-social behaviour and we have worked closely with partners in relation to this.

"The races take part in the heart of an active and vibrant community and as you travel and socialise I would ask that you are respectful of the residents and businesses who welcome you into their community during race week.

"Finally, I wish everyone taking part the best of luck and look forward to meeting attendees over the course of what promises to be an exciting week of racing." 

It is a message that is echoed by Mervyn Whyte of the Briggs Equipment North West 200: "The Coleraine and District Motor Club wants to offer a huge North Coast welcome to everyone who visits the North Coast area during race week and we hope everyone enjoys a safe and exciting week at the Briggs Equipment North West 200.

“Please ride and drive responsibly at all times and take great care on the roads, which are always busy at this time of year.

“We are very grateful for all the assistance we receive from the PSNI and our race marshals who are there to ensure your safety. Please follow their guidance at all times, and please remain respectful of your fellow racegoers and all those who live and work on the North Coast throughout your visit."

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