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McDonald's second restaurant in Coleraine approved

local news Nov 15, 2023
McDonalds Coleraine - Geoffrey Moffett

In 2018, a proposal was submitted for a new McDonald's restaurant at Asda, 1 Ring Road, aimed at easing the load on the existing Riverside Retail Park outlet and enhancing the experience for both customers and staff. This proposal received approval on November 14.

The project is expected to create approximately 120 new jobs, both full- and part-time, and involves an investment of about £4 million.

The plan includes constructing a contemporary, standalone, single-story McDonald’s with a drive-thru, parking, and landscaping. The development will span 360 sqm, offering a comfortable and modern dining space. It will also feature 39 parking spaces, with specific allocations for accessible and bicycle parking.

Aisling Lawless, Senior Estates and Acquisitions Surveyor at McDonald’s, expressed excitement over the progress of their second Coleraine restaurant following the Planning Appeals Commission’s support.

The company has been collaborating with the Council, local authorities, and community members since the initial application over four years ago. The new establishment will offer a modern drive-thru experience and is expected to generate significant local employment and economic benefits. Construction plans are underway, and McDonald’s has expressed gratitude for the support received throughout the development process.

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