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Local Hobby Store Prepares to Open It's Doors This Friday

local news Nov 07, 2023
Misfit Hobbies - Coleraine

Local pop-up hobby store, Misfit Hobbies, is preparing to open its doors for the first time this week and has a jam-packed opening evening planned for the 10th November from 7pm-10pm.

Owner Samuel Steele has shared that not only will this be an opportunity for the community to stop by and see what the store has to offer, but there will also be opportunities to try some of the games that are on sale in-store.

Located in Ostix House on Hillmans Way in Coleraine, Misfit Hobbies will be opening as a pop-up until Christmas with the hope that with enough support they'll be able to remain open and become a permanent fixture in the community.

To find out more about Misfit Hobbies and keep up-to-date with their workshops you can find their Facebook page here:

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