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Joy of Hearing in Bushmills Launches Online Hearing Test

business Sep 22, 2023

Joy of Hearing in Bushmills has recently invested in an online hearing screening test to help those who suspect they have a hearing loss but are reluctant to invest the time and effort to see an audiologist.

It will identify losses at key frequencies that apply to speech comprehension and sounds of everyday life. All that is required is a set of headphones and 5 minutes of uninterrupted time.

If your results show a hearing loss and you feel that your hearing is not as good as it used to be, you should make an appointment for further evaluation. It could be a simple case of a wax build up in the canal which we can remove via microsuction. If there is no wax, Joy can conduct a full diagnostic test and recommend the ideal hearing aids for your particular loss.

With regards to hearing aids Joy says “The last couple of years have seen significant improvements in technology and the feedback from our patients has been fantastic. This enhanced level of technology
is only available from private providers”.

The NHS is lagging behind on what is currently available on the market today. Unlike high street providers, Joy of Hearing is a fully independent Audiologist, not tied to any manufacturers and therefore able to match the perfect hearing aid with your type of loss.

The quality of your hearing aid experience does not end with a properly programmed device, it is equally important that it is finely tuned to your unique preferences and the level of aftercare is there to support you as your hearing changes with time. Joy has an accomplished understanding of how to give you the best possible results.

Here is the link to the test

To arrange an appointment for a hearing aid consultation or micro-suction / ear wax removal,
please call Joy of Hearing on 02870348030 or email [email protected]

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