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Heavenly Cakes from CeCe’s

business local news May 08, 2023
CeCe’s Cakes and Bakes

The team at CeCe’s Cakes and Bakes in the heart of Coleraine live by the motto that everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it, even more so on their magical day, whether it’s vegan, egg, dairy or gluten-free, the choice is yours.

Specialising in custom and totally unique celebration cakes and cupcakes for any occasion - weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers, even divorce cakes, CeCe’s cakes and bakes cater for every need, love and style!

Whatever the occasion, or your dietary preferences, CeCe’s have you covered.

No Matter What You Can't Eat, We Make Sure You Can Still Eat Cake!

CeCe’s understands the struggles of those who have food allergies. They specialise in free-from cakes, which means you can enjoy your favourite tasty treat without stressing over dairy or gluten. They can also provide egg-free cakes for vegan customers.

Owner Gemma Caldwell explained: “People have so many dietary requirements and that’s something we focus on. We obviously do omni or normal cakes as well which are extremely popular.”

CeCe’s free-from cakes are never free from flavour or love. They are packed full of delicious and nutritious yumminess that fills your soul with joy. Whatever your needs, get in touch today to speak with the team.

You don't need fondant to make a statement

Naked or semi-naked wedding cakes are the ultimate show-stopping treat whatever your reception style and very much on trend. There are so many different ways to decorate a semi-naked cake, from fresh flowers to drip icing and much more.

“These cakes are exceptionally popular and we use our delicious buttercream,” said Gemma.

“We can make multi cakes and flavours which are very much in demand.  In fact we have several weddings this year and we are doing three or four cakes for them and even a cake along with cupcakes which is really on trend with brides.

“It’s a case of deciding what size, what flavours, do you or your guests have any dietary requirements, then leave it to us to work.”

The faces behind CeCe's

Gemma and Kirsty are the sisters behind the scenes bringing you the delicious bakes. Kirsty looks after all of your custom cakes and cupcakes, while Gemma oversees front of house and CeCe's branding

CeCe’s Cakes and Bakes, 16 Kingsgate Street, Coleraine. Email: [email protected]. Facebook: CeCe's Cakes And Bakes

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