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Coleraine Community Electric Vehicle Centre One Step Closer with New Reports

business local news Jul 01, 2024

Coleraine’s proposed community electric vehicle (EV) centre is gaining momentum following the release of updated consultant reports.  Last year, we exclusively revealed Grow to Go's plans when submitted to Causeway Coast & Glens Council.

The project, backed by the Grow to Go initiative, is designed to transform the former site at 5 Somerset Road, Coleraine into a Community EV ECO Renewable Centre, boasting a range of facilities including an autism sensory area, café, health and wellbeing spaces, gym, and admin areas.

This ambitious project is expected to be presented to Causeway Coast & Glens Council's planning committee later this year.

Grow to Go has articulated a comprehensive vision for the Coleraine Community EV Centre, highlighting its multifaceted purpose and essential role in the community. The Centre aims to serve both the local populace and Northern Ireland as a whole, addressing significant gaps in the current EV infrastructure and providing much-needed community services.

 The Grow to Go EV Community Centre is a facility that serves both the local community and the broader region, focusing on five main elements:
  1. Performance EV Charging: Featuring advanced 400kwh chargers, the Centre provides fast charging for up to 30 electric vehicles. These off-grid chargers address the grid limitations in Northern Ireland, making charging efficient and practical compared to the current slow chargers.

  2. Cafe with Autism Sensory Room: The on-site cafe caters to EV users, families with additional needs, and the local community. It includes an autism-friendly design and a sensory room for families to relax and socialize.

  3. Autism Therapy Room: Funded by the Centre, this room offers state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house therapist. It also includes a swim spa and sauna for sensory therapy, with long-term funding secured from the Centre’s profits.

  4. Gym: A boxerise pod system gym offers a time-efficient workout while users charge their vehicles. It allows users to complete a full workout tailored to the charging time, eliminating the need for home chargers.

  5. Admin Area: Designed for remote or hybrid workers, the Centre includes soundproof work pods for a quiet working environment, complementing the downstairs cafe as a family-friendly space.

The Centre operates entirely off-grid, powered by a micro-grid setup with renewable natural gas (RNG) provided by local anaerobic digestion (AD) sites. This sustainable energy solution, facilitated by Rolls Royce, ensures continuous power for the chargers and other facilities.

The project also addresses the needs of the autism and additional needs community, making it a comprehensive, community-oriented facility.

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