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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Approves Plans for New Glamping Site near Ballybogey

local news tourism May 03, 2023
Glamping Site Near Ballybogey

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council have approved plans for a new glamping site near Ballybogey. The proposed development is a glamping accommodation park featuring four shepherd huts, landscaping, parking, access, and ancillary site works. The 0.89-hectare site is located around 1.5km southeast of Ballybogey.

Wilson McMullen Architects submitted the planning statement for the project, which outlined the details of the shepherd huts. Each hut will have its own raised deck area, access pathway, and internal cooking facilities within a kitchenette and an external BBQ area. The communal space around the huts and within the woodland will also feature some communal play space within the woodland area and a communal terrace within the main body of the site.

Glamping is a growing trend in the tourism industry, with more people seeking a unique and nature-focused experience. The popularity of glamping has led to the development of sites like the one proposed near Ballybogey. Glamping allows guests to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort or amenities.

The proposed glamping site near Ballybogey will allow visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding woodland while staying in cosy and comfortable shepherd huts.

With each hut featuring its own raised deck and access pathway, guests can enjoy privacy while also being able to socialize in the communal spaces. Additionally, the internal cooking facilities and external BBQ area will allow guests to cook their own meals, adding to the overall glamping experience.

Approving the plans for the glamping site near Ballybogey is a positive development for the tourism industry in the region. The glamping site will offer visitors a unique and memorable experience and contribute to the local economy by attracting more tourists.

With its convenient location and amenities, the glamping site is poised to become a popular destination for travellers seeking a nature-focused and comfortable vacation.

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