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Broadcaster Kerry McLean celebrates with family as she graduates from Ulster University

causeway coast community Jul 05, 2024
Kerry McLean

BBC Radio Ulster presenter Kerry McLean has spoken of her pride as she graduates from Ulster University with a degree in psychology.

The Ballymoney woman celebrated with husband Ralph McLean, her children and wider family as she graduated with a First Class Honours in Psychology from Ulster University in Coleraine on Thursday 4 July, after five-years of part-time study alongside her role as a broadcast journalist.

Speaking on her graduation day, Kerry discussed life as a part-time student, busy mum of three and radio journalist, her next steps, and shared her advice for those hoping to pursue a career in journalism. Kerry said:

“The highlight is this moment. Getting to walk across that stage and lift that certificate, knowing that I had five long years of work that went into it, it was worth it. I feel like my brain has sprung to life! I just feel so proud of myself, I’m so thankful to my family and kids and all my friends who have supported me, but more than anything I’m proud of myself.”

Sharing her advice for students hoping to pursue a University degree alongside their career, Kerry said:

“I had to think long and hard about coming back to University. I work full time; I have three children and a really busy hectic life, so I thought, ‘How am I going to manage?” I’m so pleased that I took that jump and did it because I have loved my experience here!

"I have had so much help from all the lecturers. I can’t tell you how much help and support that has been given to me from the people that work in the University and from the group of friends I’ve made, both people my own age that have come back and the young people that have been here, it’s been an incredible experience.”

And with her advice for future aspiring journalists, Kerry added:

“Do everything that comes your way and anything that gets you experience and sets you above and beyond. You’ve already put your foot in the right direction because some of the best journalists that I know, that I’ve worked with in newsrooms here and in my time with the Today programme, have come from University here and gone across there to work. You have made the best start to your journalism profession by signing up here!”

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