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Bann Rowing Club Continues to Excel

local news Nov 08, 2023
Bann Rowing Club

Nestled on the banks of the River Bann, Bann Rowing Club has once again proven itself as a powerhouse in the world of rowing.

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The club, founded in 1842, concluded another sensational season, securing victories across all age groups including at the Irish Championships.

Special mention must go to Women’s Double Sculls Champions of Ireland,

Katie Shirlow and Alex Hutchinson and Women’s Junior18 Champion of Ireland,

Flynn Greene. A week later Katie and Flynn won silver medals at Irish Coastal Rowing - a fantastic achievement for the girls and Bann! 

Along with its current crop of Irish Champions, Bann has a rich tradition of outstanding achievements, producing Olympians, World Champions, and a long list of Irish champions. A number of its rowers are now enjoying scholarships around the globe.

The club's Junior 14 rowers have also been on a winning spree, collecting many gold medals in prestigious competitions held in Belfast, Portadown, Trinity, Athlon, Blessington, and many other locations. Remarkably, some of these talented young ladies have only been rowing for a year, a testament to the exceptional coaching provided by the club. The dedication and skill demonstrated by these junior rowers are inspiring, leaving no doubt about the bright future of Bann Rowing Club.


In honour of the late and much-loved club president, the Bones family introduced the latest addition to the fleet - Billy Bones. This new boat was christened during the Bann row out and family fun day, symbolising the enduring commitment of one family to the club and the town of Coleraine.

Such acts of remembrance and dedication are what make Bann Rowing Club a tight-knit community, where members support and help one another throughout their rowing journeys, from novice to elite.

While the club's focus is undeniably on the water, Bann Rowing Club is not just about winning medals. Throughout the year, the club hosts various social functions, including family fun days, quiz nights, wine-tasting evenings, and an eagerly anticipated annual dinner. These events foster a sense of camaraderie among members and their families, making Bann Rowing Club more than just a sporting organisation.

The success of Bann Rowing Club would not be possible without the unwavering support of local businesses who have provided crucial assistance. Their continued support ensures that Bann Rowing Club can maintain its standard of excellence and nurture the talent of future rowers.

For those who have driven past the historic boathouse without knowing much about the club, there is an open invitation to drop by and say hello. As one of the oldest and most successful rowing clubs on the island of Ireland, Bann Rowing Club prides itself on its warm and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging interested individuals to join as members, regardless of their age or experience level.

The club organises events throughout the year, catering to beginners of all ages and offering camps specifically designed for 14-year-olds, enabling them to embark on their rowing journeys and experience the sheer joy of rowing on the beautiful Bann River.

Fitness and age pose no barriers in this magnificent sport. Bann Rowing Club encourages volunteers to come forward and assist in mentoring and guiding young athletes, ensuring a sustainable future for the club.

So why not attend a practice session, cheer on the rowers, and get a taste of what Bann Rowing Club is all about?

If you're interested in either trying your hand at rowing or volunteering, you can easily get in touch with the club via their website or visit the clubhouse in person.

Bann Rowing Club is the epitome of passion, dedication, and community. As their recent successes demonstrate, their legacy of achievements shows no signs of waning.

With its robust support system and unwavering commitment to the sport, Bann Rowing Club is undoubtedly set to conquer even greater heights in the seasons to come.


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