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A captivating journey of poetry that will enchant and enlighten

local news Nov 08, 2023
Geraldine Fleming - Geoffrey Moffett

Geraldine Fleming's latest masterpiece, 'Fractured Echoes,' was unveiled at Ulster University's Octagon, receiving high praise from academics and poets alike. Despite discovering her passion for writing late in life after retiring from a demanding NHS career, Geraldine's work has quickly gained recognition in the literary world.

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Her collection of poetic gems has earned her admiration for its beauty and deep insights, with reviewers comparing her mastery of language to legendary poets like William Carlos Williams and E. E. Cummings.

Renowned scholar Richard Bradford applauded her ability to shape words with artistic finesse, infusing freshness and excitement into every verse.

Poet, Kathleen McCracken commented; “The poems in Fractured Echoes, Geraldine Fleming’s first collection of poetry, tackle difficult topics - betrayal, loss and grief, trauma and recovery, the precarious state of our plane - with honesty, sensitivity and a leavening sense of humour. “Formally adventurous, and linguistically rangy, these poems are portals to past, parallel and future lives; they disclose a sensibility alive to the ‘universal epic’ yet ever ready to ‘revel in brevity’.”

Author Jim Simpson highlighted the emotional impact of Geraldine's poetry, praising her exploration of universal themes such as life, death, suffering, despair, hope, and joy. He stated; “The magic of any art form must surely lie in that moment of connection when the reader says, ‘Yes, yes, I get it. I’m with her.’”

'Fractured Echoes' is a captivating literary odyssey that will enchant, enlighten, and forever transform readers. Geraldine Fleming's adventurous and confident use of language weaves a tapestry of words that evokes immense depths of emotion, making her work a true testament to the magic of art. The book is available on Amazon.

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